Video: how to make a Fimo knot?

Video: how to make a Fimo knot?

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Are you looking for an original creation idea? Would you like to offer a handmade piece of jewelry? Follow the advice of Juliette Delestaing, creator of the brand "In Juliette's drawer", to make in a few minutes a knot in the news: 739837 Fimo paste.

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Make the knot in news: 739837 fimo paste

To create a Fimo knot, first knead a little dough between your fingers to soften it. On baking paper, make a roll of dough that you will flatten over 2 cm using a roller or a cotton swab so as not to leave fingerprints. When the strip of dough is smooth, fold the two ends towards the center, symmetrically. Then grab a little extra dough and make a small, evenly rounded sausage. Adhere it to the other piece of dough, so as to create a realistic knot.

Prepare to assemble the knot

If you want to use the knot to make a pendant or an earring, insert in the center of the knot a news item: 739825 metal hook previously cut to the right size. For a necklace, leave the loop of the actu: 739825 hook in the direction of the length of the knot. For an earring, turn the actu loop: 739825 hook perpendicular to the knot. Bake as indicated by your brand of dough. Once the knot is cooked, you can varnish it and drop a point of glue to secure the actu: 739825 hook. Add a ring that you tighten with pliers. Mount the knot on a chain or on an earring holder. For a ring, do not insert any news: 739825 metal hook and simply glue a ring holder to the back of the knot. Thanks to Juliette Delestaing for these precious tips for making a knot in the news: 739837 Fimo. Watch the video How to make a knot in news: 739837 fimo paste? on Produced by Minute Facile.