A pillowcase that takes care of your beauty

A pillowcase that takes care of your beauty

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Before you slept to rest, now you go to sleep to maintain your beauty. Explanations ...

Adopt a new beauty gesture

Did you know, but at night, when you thought you were recharging your batteries securely in your pillow, you ultimately lose beauty capital. Why ? Your pillow quenches your creams, wrinkles your hair and helps to wrinkle your face because of the folds that mark your skin throughout the night. Perspiration and dust accumulate over the nights and alter the natural beauty of your face. But rest assured that one solution remains: change your cotton pillow with a pillow specially designed to take care of your beauty. Its name Sleep'n Beauty!

The right solution, the pillow that takes care of your beauty

The Climsom brand has designed a silk pillowcase with hypoallergenic, anti-mite and thermoregulatory properties. This comfortable material protects the skin and hair from dehydration, its slippery texture prevents the formation of pillow folds and its natural material lets the skin breathe for a more hygienic surface. Neither tinted nor chemically treated, the pillowcase is also easier to clean since it can be machine washed in delicate mode. Then just dry it in the open air. Sold at 89 euros, it offers generous dimensions for serene nights throughout the year. And you still have to sleep on your two ears! Practical information Sleep'n Beauty pillow Dimensions 50 x 75 cm 89 euros site: www.climsom.com Our practical creative leisure videos