Nkuku, not cucul products

Nkuku, not cucul products

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New brand alert! At least a new brand for me because Nkuku was born 10 years ago. Under this slightly strange name hides an English company created by a couple returned (not quite the same) from a sabbatical in India and Africa. This trip was an opportunity to meet local businesses and a craft to put in all hands.

Think before you buy

I do not know what it is for you but this year I want to really respect the spirit of Christmas, that is to say that as long as I make gifts I would like them to be also loaded with meaning. Maybe the accumulation of Christmas catalogs ended up making me feel comfortable, that this year not very rich financially made me aware of a certain mess. I still buy too much without thinking. This year, budget restrictions oblige, I will not offer rain pearls but objects that inspire an idea of ​​sharing and respect. It was while looking for this kind of gift that I came across Nkuku products. As I said in the intro, Nkuku is an English company which promotes local Indian and African crafts by operating on the principle of fair trade.

Give meaningful gifts

Looking at their catalog, it was not very complicated: I like almost everything. Of course certain things seem very simple even banal but the object in itself is not the only good that one wants to transmit. Knowing that we are offering an object that has not been mass produced on a huge assembly line at the other end of the world in conditions of which we know nothing, but by a small company with craftsmen (we want believe it!) who love what they do, it changes everything, really everything.
So this year it will be a solidarity economy under the tree, too bad for the wishes of the children (the grandparents and godparents will catch up) drawn from the supermarket catalogs. I want to be simple, natural, beautiful and to transmit all my love to others, loved ones but also strangers who have chosen to respect work.
Nkuku products are distributed at Decoclico, Les Fleurs and Altermundi.


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