Video: create a silver paste jewel

Video: create a silver paste jewel

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Sparkling and original, silver paste jewelry catches the eye and lusts of fashion lovers. Catherine Le Poah-Taut invites you to make your own original creation in a few hours.

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Silver paste jewelry: shape your creation

In order to create a silver paste jewel, you will need a syringe with a very fine tip, a jar of water to keep your syringe full of silver paste, a cork paste of the shape of your jewelry, a support and baking fiber. Here, Catherine presents you with a cube ring, but anything is possible. Place the silver wire randomly on the cork paste, using the syringe. Start at the top so as not to drop everything. Let dry for 10 minutes on the support, then turn it over to make the other part. Let dry again for 10 minutes.

Silver paste jewelry creation: bake and polish

Once your silver paste jewelry is ready, it's time to bake it. Wrap your new creation in baking fiber, so that no side is visible. Place everything in a cold oven, and heat for 30 minutes to 800 ° C, then 10 minutes at this temperature. Finally, take out the jewelry once the oven has returned to 600 ° C. To make your jewelry shine in silver paste, you can brush it with a hard wire brush, but the operation is long. You can also place it in a polishing drum. Cleaned, Catherine's jewel regains all its splendor on your hand! Watch the video Create a jewel in silver paste on Produced by Minute Facile.


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