Couture video: wear a straight collar

Couture video: wear a straight collar

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Are you making a shirt and you are having trouble fitting the collar? Would you like to carry out a work with a collar, but that seems complicated to you? Follow the tips of Jeanne Kolifrat, trainer at Piquécoud, to easily mount a straight collar.

Watch the video :

Prepare the collar position

Before sewing the collar, first prepare its position, which must be impeccable. To do this, transfer the notch previously made on the collar to the middle of the neckline. Place each piece right sides together. Then pin the half round, taking care to make the end of the collar coincide with the crossing line, which is the fold line of the garment. Then open the collar to check that the seam reaches the center line. Do the same for the other side. Respect the lines, especially when assembling the roundings.

The collar seam

Attention: before sewing the collar at the neck, take care not to take the part of the underside of the collar. Useless to make actu: 737341 stopping point at the beginning and at the end of this seam, because a second pass is necessary. Sew as you go, making sure no creases are formed.

The finish of the collar

When you have finished the first pass, fold the facing over the fold line. This will trap the end of the cervix. Then stitch two pins on this facing, keeping the collar inside. Sew by making a news: 737341 stopping point for more solidity. When you are finished, strip the ends by cutting at an angle. Put the news: 739845 fabric on the right side and pull out the corners, possibly using a pin. With the advice of Jeanne Kolifrat, you now know how to mount a straight collar. Watch the Couture video: putting on a straight collar on Produced by Minute Facile.


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