In drawing: a flight of butterflies as a wall decoration

In drawing: a flight of butterflies as a wall decoration

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With a single pretty sheet of patterned paper, you can make many origami decorations. The one that we offer you here is the creation of butterflies that will settle on your wall like a colorful flight. This decorating idea is extremely simple to carry out, inexpensive and promises an original, airy and slightly poetic rendering, ideal for decorating a little girl's room for example. The only condition for a perfect realization of this decorative idea? You will need to acquire the little helping hand that is going to fold these butterflies correctly, but once you have really understood the technique and after one or two somewhat laborious tests, the origami butterfly will have no more secrets for you . And you will see, the rendering is worth it that we persevere! Now take your ruler, your pencil, your scissors, your pretty sheet (especially not too thick to facilitate folding) and put it in the right format. Provide in a corner a tube of paper glue and "Patafix" for later, and tackle your butterflies without delay!


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