How to calculate the electric heated floor?

How to calculate the electric heated floor?

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Answer: calculate its useful surface and multiply it by 106 watts per square meter.

This type of calculation is not an easy task, which is why it is recommended to go through a specialist. However, here are a few things. We must first calculate the useful area of ​​the future heated floor, the floor area that can really be equipped, counting all the fixed elements of the room and a 10 cm shrink strip along the walls. According to the standards in force, the maximum authorized power of a heated floor is 106 watts per square meter. So, if the surface that can be equipped with a heated floor is 30 m², the maximum authorized power will be 3,180 watts. Then, calculate the minimum power to install to counter heat loss. This type of calculation is inaccessible to individuals due to their complexity. Just know that the power of your installation must be between these two data. Remember, the more power you increase, the more energy you use.

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