Tuto kids: a slate-style game table

Tuto kids: a slate-style game table

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Original and inspired, touching and poetic, the world of Sandra is one we love to discover! On her blog, Jesussauvage, this young mother of two little boys shares her vintage finds, her clever DIY and snapshots of her family life. A real favorite ! Today, she is invited on to present us her table tutorial customized with slate paint, a great idea for the children's room. "Hello everyone! I am happy to present this DIY, a custom table for the children's room. An idea that had been germinating in my mind for a while, but which had been lost in the bazaar that prevails there!"


You will need: - a sheet - a pencil - a compass if you make the drawings yourself - a printer if you print the drawings - scissors - sandpaper to sand the surface - a felt pen for the outlines of the patterns - a brush - slate paint - varnish


1. Make or print the drawings (you can easily find cool shapes by doing a search on the Internet).

2. Cut out each shape.

3. After sanding the table surface, draw the outline of the shapes on the table using a marker.

4. Then paint the inside of the drawings with slate paint.

5. Finally, apply a layer of varnish only on the parts of the table top that have remained untreated (not on the chalkboard paint, which would become ineffective) to protect it from the chalk and water that children will probably use to erase their works of art.


And There you go ! An original table that children love! You can completely mix the colors (there are even paintings in other colors) to give pep to the table. For my part, I added 4 small colored circles but let your imagination speak!

Thanks to Sandra for her creation! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your slate tables on our Facebook page, and find other ideas on our Pinterest!


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