Sewing video: use stretch stitches

Sewing video: use stretch stitches

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Do you want to sew stitches but can't find the right stitch? Do you want to make pretty works that are both flexible and solid for your children? Patrick Bride, director of Janome France, tells you all about stretch points.

Watch the video :

Sew a stretch stitch

To sew a stretch stitch, it's easy: modern sewing machines are now equipped with many styles of stitches, which allow you to make the confections you want without difficulty. To sew a stretch stitch, set your machine to the overlock stitch, which corresponds to the stretch stitch. Place your collar on the stitch, then sew the whole with the machine, in a traditional way, by simply passing the actu: 739845 fabric under the needle. You will then obtain a flexible seam, which assembles without any rigidity. Your news: 739845 fabric preserves all its flexibility. You can also use the overlock stitch to make a straight seam.

Why use the stretch point?

The stretch stitch is a particular stitch, which is particularly suitable for sewing jersey. Knits require special flexibility, especially during transport, which is why the stretch stitch is perfect. You can use the stretch point for all works requiring elasticity, such as jogging, small lingerie, pajamas or even children's clothes. If you follow Patrick Bride's advice, you will easily create pretty stretch points for flexible and comfortable garments. Watch the Couture video: using stretch stitches on Produced by Minute Facile.


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