Patterns to feminize the decor

Patterns to feminize the decor

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To give a feminine style to your decoration, patterns are your allies! We then adopt patterns such as flowers, toile de Jouy or butterflies to give a bucolic atmosphere to the room. Small decorative presentation to choose the pattern you adopt.


With a flowery pattern, a wind of femininity will blow in your decor! The advantage of this pattern is that the possibilities are almost endless in terms of styles because you will find classic flowers, flowers for more retro atmospheres but also more contemporary models with stylized flowers. You will understand, the floral pattern is almost happening everywhere! This season, know all the same that classic flowers are coming back to the forefront and that Liberty is in the running every spring. In wallpaper or bed linen, we say yes!

Photo credits: Ikéa / Little Greene

The canvas of Jouy

For a classic atmosphere with bucolic charm, it is on the canvas of Jouy that you have to bet. We appreciate the delicate patterns of the scenes for their rustic and ancient spirit which will give charm to any room. We can adopt the Jouy canvas as bed linen in a romantic bedroom or as wallpaper in a bedroom that assumes its charm of yesteryear. Our advice: choose a blue pattern for an even softer result.

Photo credits: Ikéa / Little Greene

The butterflies

Among the trendy female motifs at the moment, it is impossible to miss the butterflies that do not fail to bring a romantic style to the decoration. We can just as easily adopt them in a child's room as in a young woman's room for a refreshing and bucolic decor. We could as well install some stickers on a wall as adopt a wallpaper for a total romantic look.

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