Video drawing: make quick sketches

Video drawing: make quick sketches

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A drawing student at Art Médium, Ladislaja shows you here how to make quick sketches. In just a few minutes, you can see his work evolving to set a good example for you.

Watch the video :

Quick sketches: total freedom

The advantage of the sketch is that it gives you total freedom in your gestures and your features. The purpose of the sketch, unlike the more worked drawing, and to stop on interesting details of the model and work on them quickly. Ladislaja advises you, for quick sketches, to follow the model and let your hand flow, so as to linger only on the details that interest you or challenge your creativity.

Quick sketches: fill the whole page with a detail

Once the theory is revealed, Ladislaja shows you in this video how she produces quick sketches. You can see his hand and pencil evolve on paper and be inspired by it for your future works. In the sketch, there is always a beginning, but there is never an end. Indeed, the purpose of the sketch is not to obtain a well constructed and completely completed drawing. By focusing on a detail, you launch rough lines that reveal all the details, before turning your page to move to another sketch. This exercise can be practiced continuously, until you find the right way to transcribe the chosen detail. All you have to do is fill in your sketchbooks with Ladislaja. Watch the Drawing video: make quick sketches on Produced by Minute Facile.


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