I discover the art of card making

I discover the art of card making

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The art of card making generally uses the same techniques and tools as scrapbooking, but the purpose of this practice is different. The idea is not to enhance a photo but to design handcrafted stationery for all kinds of occasions.

Unique cards

Instead of sending impersonal cards to wish a birthday or the new year, instead of choosing from hundreds of announcements already seen to announce the birth of baby or to invite the people we love to an extraordinary event like our more and more of us are choosing to really highlight our messages with cards that really embellish them.

Perfect material for the card making

Just like scrapbooking, many tools and techniques can be used for card making. You will discover as you practice your affinities with certain ways of doing things, but at the beginning, little material in itself is necessary. In addition to the pretty scrapbooking papers, some embellishments chosen according to the theme of your card, your scissors and your tube of glue, you will be well advised to invest in a cutter, because you will necessarily spend time cutting the papers in the desired format. A small folder will not be useless either, because with the help of a ruler, it will help you to make grooves and thus to mark very neatly the folds of the flaps of your cards, which will prevent you from damaging your paper especially if it is thick! Think of the ink pads that make your work easier, because they allow you to deliver a message very easily. You will also find suitable for all occasions!

A little advice to start

Organize all the elements of your card well and do not paste or stamp until you are satisfied with the final result! And even, why not rely on a preliminary sketch showing all of your elements before you get started?


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