Couture video: mounting the side pockets

Couture video: mounting the side pockets

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You want to make a garment with a pocket, but you do not know how to integrate the pocket directly during the making? Jeanne Kolifrat, creator and trainer at Piquécoud, teaches you how to mount a pocket in a garment being made.

Watch the video :

Assemble pocket funds

To start making your pocket, you must first assemble the two pocket bottoms previously made with the rest of the pieces of your work. To do this, attach each pocket bottom to the half of the room that will accommodate the pocket, where you want to position the pocket and right sides together, at the seam. Switch to the sewing machine at a presser foot value, taking care to make an actu: 737341 stopping point.

Assemble the pocket

When the sewing of the top of the pocket bottoms is complete, assemble the two pocket halves. Pin the pocket so that it stays stable during sewing, then start sewing. First sew the news: 739845 main fabric following the seam line. When you reach the level of the pocket, prick the needle, lift the foot then continue sewing on the pocket. Proceed in the same way on the other side of the pocket, taking care to put the seam on the same side. Turn the news: 739845 fabric on the right side, you will realize that the opening of the pocket has formed by itself. With the advice of Jeanne Kolifrat, you now know how to integrate the creation of a pocket into a garment being created. Watch the Couture video: mounting the side pockets on Produced by Minute Facile.


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