Video: make a piece of honeycomb cardboard

Video: make a piece of honeycomb cardboard

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To build light, solid and original furniture, Pascale Meunier shows you the techniques to assemble a storage unit in honeycomb cardboard or honeycomb.

Watch the video :

Make a honeycomb furniture: assemble the structure

First, take planks of honeycomb cardboard, and cut out two 20 cm shelves. To do this, take the blade out of your actu: 739781 cutter, and place it on the second notch, the farthest. Place your square to cut straight, then make a first pre-hole. To stick your shelves to a board by hiding the unsightly side in honeycomb, you can cut a strip of your board, 1.5 cm, remove the honeycomb and keep only the cardboard. To glue, first place kraft to prevent your glue from sinking into the holes. For rounding, cut 1.5 cm strips, but not to the end; and spread well.

Manufacturing a honeycomb furniture: finishes

To finish your honeycomb furniture, cut out 1.5 cm strips of cardboard, and glue them wherever necessary. Then put back some kraft to finish. For rounding, paste two or three layers of newspaper, then paint, or paste wallpaper to give a more colorful and graceful appearance. If cardboard protrudes, pass it with sandpaper or sanding block. Another perfectly successful piece of furniture for Pascale Meunier! Watch the video Making a honeycomb storage cabinet on Produced by Minute Facile.


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