Video: make a laundry bag

Video: make a laundry bag

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Thanks to the advice of Rebecca Gillot, you will quickly make a superb corded laundry bag. You can store your dirty laundry in all circumstances.

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Making a laundry bag: the seams of the bag

Choose a news item: 739845 fabric, and take two rectangles. Place two marks on the height about 5 cm from the edge, on each side. Pin the fabrics together, wrong sides together, then sew in the sewing machine 5 mm from the edge, starting at the marks. You can then remove the pins and turn the bag over. Iron the news: 739845 fabric to bring out the seams, and mark your marks, before stitching 1 cm from the edge to hide the first seam. Turn the first seam over the second by folding the corners well.

Making a laundry bag: preparing the ribbons

Still with your iron, prepare the tunnels that will receive the ribbons. For this, make marked returns to the iron: a first of about 1 cm, then a second to the edge. Do the operation on both sides. Stitch 3 mm from the inside edge, then take two ribbons a little longer than the width of the bag, so that you can tie a knot. Put a safety pin in the first ribbon, and pass it through a first tunnel then in the second. Remove the pin, and tie a knot. Work in the same way with the second ribbon, but in the opposite direction to the first, so that they intersect. This gives you a very practical automatic closure. Thanks to Rebecca Gillot, your laundry has never been so tidy. Watch the video Making a laundry bag with an English seam on Produced by Minute Facile.


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