A decor inspired by the "Grey's Anatomy" series

A decor inspired by the "Grey's Anatomy" series

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Grey's Anatomy is the story of a medical team staged in a Seattle hospital. If we see the characters more often at their workplace, the last season puts them more on stage in their private life. So rest assured, today we are not going to help you recreate the decor of a hospital at home, but that of an interior that caught our eye. That of the house in the middle of the forest of the star couple of the Gray-Shepherd series.

Large rooms

Built by the hands of the famous Doctor Mamour, this huge wooden house makes us look envious. As soon as you pass the door, you are welcomed in a very large main room including the living room, the dining room and a very friendly American kitchen. Dark furniture, chromed metal lights and refined accessories create a cozy atmosphere that is easy to reproduce at home.

What accessories in the living room?

The centerpiece of this considerable living room is a large corner fabric sofa in gray tones. To accompany it, bet as in the series on two armchairs on feet of Scandinavian gray mottled inspiration. Put down some colorful and graphic cushions and others in solid but flashy colors like orange. In the center of this seating area, opt for a large round and black coffee table in very chic wood. To illuminate everything, you have to turn on an elegant metal ball lamp. You now have the keys to recreate this attractive and warm interior at home.


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