Do 12-person raclette makers have an interest?

Do 12-person raclette makers have an interest?

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Last week I came across the thunderous announcement of a new XXL size raclette machine since it can meet the cheese needs of 12 people. At the time, I shouted "Great!" ... And then I thought about it. The fruit of my reflection led me to ask myself this crucial question: "Do 12-person raclette machines have an interest?" Let us immediately dismiss people who do not like raclette because if the question arises for them, the answer is found. So I prefer to focus on the people who like raclette and who are 12 at the table. Starting from this premise, we can assume that the answer is yes. And yet… The first scenario requires a round table of 12 people, which in general can only be seen at a wedding. One can of course imagine using raclette at a wedding because there is no law prohibiting it. Elsewhere on the Net, we specify that to accommodate 12 people on a round table, it must have a diameter of 185 cm. Once the table is set, all you have to do is put your raclette machine in the center. Take for example that of Bob Home, the 2917 whose dimensions are 62X25 cm. Once installed in the middle, the guests in the length of the device are 61.5 cm from their caquelon. Because if we do the calculation: 185/2 = 92.5 cm for the table divided in two and 62/2 = 31 cm of device on each side is 92.5 - 31 = 61.5 cm of free space.
This diagram clearly indicates that if the guests in the length of the device benefit from a certain ease, it is unfortunately not the same for the guests (much more numerous) who inherit the width of the device . Redo the calculation: 185/2 = 92.5 cm for the table divided in two and 25/2 = 12.5 cm of device on each side, i.e. 92.5 - 12.5 = 80 cm of space left free. This space is much too large for the guests to feel comfortable. I have this photo as proof, if we are to consider for a moment that a raclette and a fondue appliance can be substituted and that a rectangular table is only a slightly more rigid round table the edges !
You can see that my arm is not long enough. I hear from here the skeptics and those who always have to criticize studies, as scientific as they are. Perhaps the second scenario will be able to convince them? This is of course the rectangular table which to accommodate 12 guests must have the following dimensions: 90x250 cm.
We can see that you really have to be in bad faith not to realize that the guests at the ends will have a lot of trouble eating since: 250/2 = 125 cm for the table divided in two and 62/2 = 31 cm of device on each side, i.e. 125 - 31 = 94 cm of free space.
This image is really unsustainable! Demonstration made, let's come back to the question: "Do 12-person raclette machines have an interest?". It took me long hours of thinking before reaching a more nuanced conclusion than yes or no because if the above mathematical demonstrations tend to prove that the product is only a vast marketing operation, we can do anything similarly find an interest in the raclette machine 12 people as long as you do not invite 12 people and that its table is not round. In the very specific case where you are 6 people maximum (or even 4 ideally) and your rectangular table allows you to avoid extreme places, in this specific case therefore, the 12-person raclette machine is indeed an asset because it makes it possible to operate an efficient rotation between pots. There is indeed optimization since during the scraping another caquelon is already taking over! In this case, should we rather turn to the Bob Home XXL family raclette complete 12-person raclette 2917 (around 120 €) or the Russell Hobbs trio raclette XXL classic 19560-56 (from 48 €)?
I want to answer you: it's up to you!


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