Make a jewelry box

Make a jewelry box

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This week, the D&CO team shows you how to make a jewelry box. Demonstration in pictures. For this workshop, you will need: - wooden planks, - paint, - a square, - a jigsaw, - handles, - a screwdriver drill, - screws.

Step 1

Measure and cut the boards to the desired size.

2nd step

To prevent the wood from splintering, pre-drill before screwing the boards together.

Stage 3

Sand the roughness with a sheet of sandpaper.

Step 4

Paint the box in the color of your choice.

Step 5

Sand lightly in some places to give the impression of a time-worn box.

Step 6

Pre-drill the wood and insert the handles. It only remains to fix the box on a wall. This jewelry box will have cost 22 €.


You get an original jewelry box.


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