Suny, the last enlightenment of Tassimo

Suny, the last enlightenment of Tassimo

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After the Inissia by Nespresso, the Senseo Up by Philips, Tassimo in turn draws his latest creation. So what's new under the Suny?
Bosch and Tassimo first insist that the Suny is really the fastest Tassimo thanks to the Smart Start technology. This new machine is no longer ugly by the buttons since it suffices to place its cup on the cup rest to start the preparation. Preparation which also stands out thanks to the flashing of buttons on the side, because you still have to know if your machine is running or not! As a result, once the cup is filled, the Suny automatically goes into standby mode. Finally, this Smart Start technology is a bit similar to the Start & Go of cars, a cup on one side, one foot on the accelerator on the other.
To operate, Tassimo machines have not changed systems. The temperature settings and the amount of water are determined by the barcode on the capsule: hot chocolate does not have the same requirements as a cup of tea. I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that the Tassimo is capable of preparing all kinds of drinks, not just coffees. However, the Suny has a manual mode so that you can regain control over the length and intensity of your drink. For the colors, you will have the choice between the three presented in images above. I have a soft spot for the electric blue version (TAS3205) even if its color on the photo seems a little too good to be true. The other two colors are more classic with passion red (TAS3203) and intense black (TAS3202).
These three machines which should appear on the shelves very soon are announced at the price of consensus, that is to say 99.99 €. In short, like the last of its competitors, Nespresso and Senseo. Bosch, Suny Tassimo, TAS 3202 (Intense black), TAS 3203 (Passion red) and TAS 3205 (Electric blue), € 99.99 + € 0.16 in eco-participation.


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