5 ideas for bringing natural fibers into your home

5 ideas for bringing natural fibers into your home

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Natural fibers are installed in all rooms of the house. Perfect on the floor and walls, they bring us their incomparable softness in the bathroom, in the bedroom and in the kitchen. Refined, vegetable fibers also play the stars in the field of furniture and carpets. Seagrass, cotton, coconut, linen, alpaca, burlap, sisal are all ecological fibers to be used without moderation, whatever the type of interior decoration. We like their ease of maintenance and their unequaled beauty.

Soils and walls play it green

The natural fibers of bamboo, sisal, seagrass, coconut and mountain rush are easy to live with. Comfortable, they are good thermal and acoustic insulators. In a children's room or a playroom, this type of healthy humidity regulating coating is particularly recommended. Natural fibers are more resistant, hardly flammable, warm and soft. But they also find their place in the living room, in the master suite or in the office. In terms of design, natural fibers offer all possible variations thanks to the different weavings. Whether it is to play the card of simplicity or that of sophistication, each weaving brings an incomparable rendering to the floor, to the wall as to the carpets.

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Natural fiber furniture

The furniture is not exempt: rattan, woven bamboo, kubu, rush or banana tree aesthetically make up tables, chairs, storage chests, beds, armchairs and decorative accessories. Resistant to wear and tear, these pieces of furniture blend perfectly into a Zen atmosphere, a natural decor, a well-being space and harmonize particularly well with trendy colors such as taupe, green, and purple. The furniture in natural fibers is easily accessorized with cushions in burlap, linen or wool.

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Bed linen: natural comfort and softness

In the bedroom, the bed linen brings comfort and softness thanks to cotton and its variations such as cotton percale, cotton satin and flannel. Renowned for its resistance, linen brings a touch of refinement to the decor of the room. To enjoy a pleasant freshness when the summer nights are hot, you can opt for a mixed-colored bed linen set, a mixture of linen and cotton to match the curtains. As for bamboo fibers, they are also very trendy and we love them for their quick drying.

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Cooking doesn't escape natural fibers

In the kitchen, cotton continues to prevail. Cotton table runners, sets, tablecloths and napkins adapt to the trend, and display lovely patterns and colors. Cotton table linen resists the ravages of time and is easy to maintain. Tea towels and hand towels match the splashback and kitchen elements, whatever their color and style. Woven in a solid and absorbent canvas, they are accomplices of each culinary parenthesis. To be greener than ever, you can also bring natural fibers into the kitchen using a linen filter for the hood.

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Ecology at bath time

Soft and absorbent combed cotton deserves its place of choice, available in fashion colors for a tart or pastel decor. Plain, striped, floral or embroidered print, in tone-on-tone relief, with fringes or playing the card of simplicity, terry cotton promises sweet moments for young and old. For fragile skin, washed honeycomb bath linen is ideal.

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