I discover the origami technique

I discover the origami technique

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The origami technique is the art of folding paper to give birth to all kinds of pretty things ("ORU" means "fold", "KAMI" means "paper" in Japanese). It can be simply animals with which children can have fun, but also ornamental and fashion objects like boxes, flowers, garlands and even jewelry!…

What is origami for?

It is a pretty impressive technique, because with simple sheets of paper (no glue or scissors!), And a succession of more or less complex folds, executed with precision, you will give life to a multitude of decorative objects. In interior decoration, origami is very fashionable and you will see that you will particularly appreciate it for making garlands and mobiles with all kinds of shapes (butterflies, fish, hearts, birds, flowers ...) and this, with patterned papers which give a truly magnificent result.

What I need to get started

You will first need (apart from your basic material which is your sheet of paper) a diagram to follow. These are the step-by-step folding diagrams that you will find on the Internet or in origami books. Then, you will possibly have a folder to facilitate folding on several thicknesses of paper but above all and above all, you will need the following qualities: patience, attention and thoroughness. Origami is indeed a demanding art that requires concentration, rigor and precision in the reading and execution of diagrams.

Some instructions to get you started

Go in search of simple diagrams to make, origami being one of the techniques that quickly discourage if you don't start with ... the beginning! Before throwing yourself headlong into the folds, learn to read the symbols in the diagrams which will allow you to fully understand how each step operates. In terms of material, opt for thin paper that will support folds over many thicknesses (special origami paper, gift wrapping paper, kraft paper or washi paper). And if you are really in a hurry to start and obtain satisfactory results then, rather than diagrams in drawing or photo, turn to the demonstrations of folding in video! They will make your life easier. Our practical creative leisure videos


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