The bayadère stripe announces the color

The bayadère stripe announces the color

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Dynamic and vibrant, the bayadère motif invites itself into the decor with its wide multicolored stripe. Its colorful and irregular bands provide good mood in your interior printed on cushions, on your walls and even on furniture. Be careful all the same not to abuse it at the risk of creating a variegated piece. Pick up some ideas from our shopping list.

On the household linen

A veritable appeal in summer, the bayadère motif can be found on your household linen and in all colors. In the living room, it is the cushions which are taken by storm by these colored stripes. Consider installing them on a plain or plain sofa to avoid the overloaded effect. You can also bet on the curtain option in green tones for a natural spirit or in a gradient of red to give pep. The tablecloths also see life in color with rainbow prints. Ideal for setting your spring table indoors and outdoors. Finally, bed linen is also not spared from this invasion of uneven stripes. For a chic look, turn to gray, black and purple bands, both spring and elegant.

On furniture and accessories

Everyday furniture and accessories are also covered with bayadère motif. The black chest of drawers of Baroque inspiration lend themselves very well to the game. The parade of stripes gives them a real makeover, we no longer hesitate to place them in our contemporary interiors. Dishes and kitchen accessories also take it. Tray, bowls and plates take on their prettiest colors to make our table a true place of good humor. Our practical bathroom decoration videos


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