What is the shell?

What is the shell?

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Answer: the parties that support the house.

Structural work is the set of works that allow the construction to be maintained, that is to say the parts that support the weight of the house and allow it to withstand bad weather. In short, this is the backbone of the construction. This is divided into two parts: one, buried, is the infrastructure also called base, and the other, above ground, is the superstructure or elevation. The large walls, the posts, the floors and the frame are part of the structural work. The roof structure is at the heart of a controversy, some authors including it in the shell and others not. For small constructions, the main structure can be made of stone, wood or even concrete blocks. But for larger buildings, you will need to use concrete. The main work is completed with the second work: insulation, partitions, different coverings, fireplaces… video id = "0" / Our practical DIY videos


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