Crochet: learning how to make a chain

Crochet: learning how to make a chain

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A chain is made up of a succession of chain stitches. Many current works: 739825 crochet need to start with a chain. Note that when you count the number of chain stitches on a chain, you should not take into account the noose. 1. To make a chain, start by making a slip knot on your news: 739825 crochet.
2. Then wind the ball of yarn on the front of the actu: 739825 hook counterclockwise, then pull the thread through the previous stitch on the actu: 739825 hook.
3. Tighten the buckle. You get a first stitch in the air.
4. Make a second stitch in the air in the same way as above by winding the thread on the actu: 739825 hook, then pulling the thread through the first stitch made.
5. Continue to make the following air stitches in this way in order to obtain a chain of the desired length.


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