Video: treat a decaying cactus

Video: treat a decaying cactus

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Thanks to the advice of experts from the Plant Clinic, understand the diseases of your flowers and learn how to treat them. Today, it is a cactus in very bad shape which is submitted to Jean-Louis Leca. Follow his analysis and recommendations on video!

Question from the user

<< Bonjour, j'ai un problème avec un cactus. Celui-ci est installé dans un endroit lumineux mais il ne reçoit pas directement la lumière du soleil. L'année dernière, de larges taches blanches sont apparues sur ma plante. Je l'ai taillée et elle est repartie, mais depuis quelques semaines, les taches réapparaissent. >>

Watch the video

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Auscultation and diagnosis

This cactus shows significant signs of fatigue. Indeed, the gardener saw important necroses appear at the base of the main parts of the plant and the latter seems to die gradually. However, the cactus is rather well located since it is placed in a bright room without being directly exposed to the sun behind a window. The cause of the problem is therefore classic: we are again in the presence of an excess of water. The cactus remains above all an arid zone plant and an excess of water causes the same symptoms as a lack of water, namely the drying of the plant. Here, the substrate is certainly too wet, which has caused root rot and therefore an inability to feed the plant properly.

Some recommendations

It is important not to give your plant too much water, especially when it is a cactus. Here, it is advisable to repot it in order to provide it with a new, less humid substrate, taking particular care to ensure good drainage for periods of humidity with fairly distant dates. Excess watering is a recurring problem among amateur gardeners who tend to want to maintain their plant too much. A cactus should not be watered more than once a week in summer and does not require water at all during the winter. You too, ask your questions at The Plant Clinic! Also discover how to care for a cactus with a spot and how to maintain a cactus.


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