How does thermodynamic CMV work?

How does thermodynamic CMV work?

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Answer: the thermodynamic VMC is connected to a heat pump which heats the fresh air, this system can be reversible.

Thermodynamic CMV is a variant of the double flow CMV. It incorporates the main characteristics: two networks of ducts for extracting stale air and blowing fresh air, each with its own motorized system, a single air inlet (generally on the roof), a drainage system for condensation, etc. The notable difference is that the thermodynamic CMV is additionally connected to a heat pump. The role of this heat pump is to heat the fresh air that enters the home, sometimes to temperatures sufficient to be able to do without a heating system. In addition, the system can be reversible, in other words cool the home during the summer, and this time replace the air conditioning in the home. In both cases, it limits energy consumption. Practical and very ecological. You too, send us your brico question