What are the disadvantages of dual-flow CMV?

What are the disadvantages of dual-flow CMV?

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Answer: the cost of purchase and installation, as well as the noise.

Among the drawbacks of the double flow CMV, we can first mention its cost to purchase and installation. It is much more expensive than other types of CMV. Especially since it is difficult to install it yourself when you are not a specialist. It requires a large footprint, with extraction or insufflation vents, and therefore ducts, in almost all rooms of the housing. In addition, a water drainage system must be provided. In addition, even if a lot of efforts have been made in this area in recent years, the double-flow VMC still produces a slight noise. What can quickly become irritating for certain sensitive people. When installing a double flow CMV at home, it is not recommended to open windows too often or for too long, as this decreases the performance of the system. You too, send us your brico question


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