Wallpaper or paint peeling off: what to do?

Wallpaper or paint peeling off: what to do?

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Answer: pass a fine brush of glue over the unglued wallpaper area then clean with a sponge.

Peeling off wallpaper or paint can be caused by several things, mainly humidity and the wear and tear of time. To remedy the peeling of the wallpaper, dip a fine brush in glue, and pass it over the area of ​​the paper concerned to glue it back. Watch for air bubbles, then wipe off excess glue with a sponge. As for the paint, scratch the area where the paint peels off. If necessary, sand lightly so that the area is flat, you may need to apply an undercoat at this point. Then apply two coats of paint. If despite all these precautions, the problem persists or worsens, bring a professional to your home to find its origin. It will surely be necessary to carry out a more in-depth intervention ... You too, send us your question brico

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