An iced meal at the Cour des Loges

An iced meal at the Cour des Loges

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Rest assured, I am not talking about the atmosphere of this hotel, well known I think of all Lyonnais. To tell you the truth, this establishment in old Lyon was one of my very first memories when I arrived in this city. Not because I had stayed there, but because I dreamed of entering it!
For those who do not know the Vieux Lyon district and its famous traboules, the Cour des Loges is typical of this architecture dating from the Renaissance with its interior courtyard (unfortunately - but necessarily - covered with a glass roof).
I had not reserved a room (the hotel will be tested next time) but I had a choice table. Escape for lunch from the office to reach this timeless place is a real luxury.
I had the chance to taste the dishes of chef Anthony Bonnet, a Michelin star. His challenge, taken up with flying colors, was to prepare a menu for us to discover Mövenpick ice cream. As a starter, I could taste a scallop shell accompanied by a mango sorbet, fresh cheese and a crunchy fruit and vegetable.
The result consisted of a supreme of poultry, velvety of peas and asparagus, refreshed with oranges.
I finished with a hot chocolate mousse, walnut ice cream and maple syrup.
Of the three ice creams offered by Mövenpick, my favorite was by far the limited edition 2014, an orange ice cream with spices with explosive combinations of ginger, peppers, nutmeg and cloves. She was deliciously pricked on the tongue. I really liked the walnut and maple syrup ice cream but like any ice cream, it was a little heavy. I realize over the years that my palate carries me more and more towards sorbets and light ice creams. No more pots of Häagen-Dazs to swallow with a teaspoon! For the moment, these little delicacies are rare and not distributed in France. Only Parisians will have the privilege of discovering these perfumes from April 28 since the brand has decided to open its first store in France (4 rue Pavée, 75004 Paris). For Lyonnais, you can still taste some of these creations thanks to the Mövenpick Week to be held in Lyon from June 2 to 6, 2014. On this occasion, nine great Lyonnais chefs, including Anthony Bonnet, Katsumi Ishida and Fabrice Bonnot, will feature Mövenpick ice cream in their menu. The opportunity to demonstrate that the ice cream is not limited to the cone, nor to the dessert!


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