In drawing: a home decor canvas for a little girl's bedroom

In drawing: a home decor canvas for a little girl's bedroom

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If you are attracted by the technique of home decoration, that you want to create fabrics by multiplying the materials and the techniques and that you have a little girl, or a gift to make for a little girl, then this idea step by step to make a table is made for you. There are of course multitudes of ways to make home decor, but when you start, it is sometimes difficult to make your imagination work ... and to learn is often to start by copying, until finally taking your off. So here is an idea of ​​creation to give you inspiration, reproduce it identically or adapt it to your liking, according to your tastes and your desires! To make this home decor frame, you will need: - a rectangular canvas, a 27 x 35 cm format will be adapted to the subject, for example - a little girl silhouette in wood or medium (in this DIY: medium silhouette of 26 cm found at Cultura), - fairly large felt flowers (in this DIY: lot of adhesive felt flowers found on, - 4 news sheets: 739829 patterned scrapbooking paper of your choice, - acrylic paint of different colors, - news: 739807 brushes, - relief paint, - a small glue gun. For origami butterflies, refer to the step-by-step drawing drawing on this subject and which is entitled "In drawing: a flight of butterflies as a wall decoration". One last little tip before you start, when you position your elements, you do not have to stay completely in the frame! Play originality, give another dimension to your canvas and make your butterflies fly outside the limits of the frame!


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