My Christmas decor will be delicious!

My Christmas decor will be delicious!

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Dozens of chocolates, gingerbreads out of the oven, homemade shortbread, collection of marshmallows and other treats: the least we can say is that at Christmas, treats are in celebration! It even comes to inspire our end-of-year decoration, because by turning tradition into a sweet meal, Christmas Eve will inevitably be chewable!


Who says gourmet atmosphere at Christmas, says sweet scenes! Under bells, in a bonbonniere on a stand or on high trays, the delights that we call "cute sins" take the reins of the decor to make us look sweet. A tasty blend of barley sugars, brioches and star cookies that we, the eternal unsatisfied, cannot be satisfied with. Because by decorating this set of Christmas suspensions and garlands in the form of mouth-watering pastries, it's even better! On the tree, on the table runner, decorating the dishes or in the air, they split the style of a delicious Christmas to devour first with your eyes ...

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Depart for shopping to find our Christmas accessories that have given way to indulgence. A theme closely followed by Alinéa this year, since between the Cooky balls to hang, the garlands of serial cakes, the gingerbread figurines, the felt suspensions or the batches of napkin cupcakes version, we do not know more where to turn! The dishwashing brand Geneviève Lethu also deviated from the draconian diet. Adorned with macaroons and other sweets, its Whoopies range, servants, plates and cake dish included, without counting its original green, pink or orange Christmas lights, literally makes us melt. And to finish in style, we also surround ourselves with purely decorative macaroons from Coming B, pastel colors to the key.


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