A decoration in the colors of Brazil

A decoration in the colors of Brazil

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The World Cup in Brazil is fast approaching and to get in the mood already, we are passing our interior design in Brazilian colors. Green, yellow and blue take over all the rooms in the house in trio, duo or alone. If you want to be in a good mood, bring the country of carnival into your home with a few decorative items taken from our shopping list!

A lounge in Brazilian colors

You have probably already noticed it, but yellow is taking on a new youth in our interiors. Lively, bright, it brings a real dose of pep no matter what room you dare. In the living room, it stands out as a real must-have this season, so no question of missing out! A small lamp here, a cushion there, and even a designer armchair if you want to leave it completely room. And to accompany it, why not dare another strong color that will also spice up the stay? Green seems perfectly appropriate, provided you use it sparingly. We put everything on accessories and the association will stand out.

Carnival in the bathroom

The bathroom is also worth celebrating. Blue, yellow, green and even all three at the same time, just bring her some bright colors to put her in a good mood. To avoid having to change everything and explode your budget, you only bet on decorative objects in Brazilian colors. A yellow mirror, a green carpet and a few well-chosen blue towels will transform the room. No need to cross the Atlantic, Brazil and its warm atmosphere are invited to your home! Our practical DIY videos


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