Green Christmas

Green Christmas

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It is not because it is Christmas that one should not think of the planet! Also, we decorate our house responsibly by using ecological materials and creating our own decorative accessories! Explanations.

Choose an ecological tree

For an environmentally friendly tree, you have several possibilities. If you really care about the traditional tree, you will opt for a potted model which will allow you to plant it in the garden to avoid waste. You can then use it again next year. If the idea of ​​enclosing a tree in your interior bothers you, you will rather bet on the idea of ​​the tree in a dematerialized spirit. You can then draw its silhouette in cardboard and cut it out or trace the contours on a wall with masking tape or woolen threads for example.

The decoration of the green tree

Whether your tree is natural or dematerialized, you will be able to decorate it while respecting the environment. For this, we use wooden decorations made from scraps or wood from ecologically managed forests. In any case, avoid decorations made of industrial plastic or painted with chemical paints. Know that you can also create your own decorations by collecting wood and pine cones in the forest. Then just add a ribbon to hang small items in the tree. Place a few natural candles in the house to create a festive atmosphere and voila!