A retro desk inspired by the film "Populaire"

A retro desk inspired by the film "Populaire"

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Régis Roinsard's brand new "Popular" film takes place in the middle of spring 1958. Rose Pamphyle (Déborah François) plays a young 21-year-old woman, working as secretary in an insurance firm for a charismatic boss: Louis Echard alias Romain Duris. Because the typewriter is no secret to her, her boss will quickly encourage her and lead her to pass a typing speed contest. Immersed in the world of "fifties", this comedy has everything to inspire us to decorate a period office, between sober lines and functional objects, in wood and metal. Come on, let's take notes:

The furniture of a 50's style office

Obviously, we need above all an office! This will be in vintage-inspired cherry wood with a white fabric chair with metal legs. If you welcome people there, it is important to add: the wooden "formica" with their metal feet and good lighting to match our retro decor, essential for working! We will therefore install one, preferably wooden, white and rectangular.

Some essential items

The typewriter fascinates us in this film, but who really uses it today? We can however use it as a decorative object: we will hunt for it in a flea market, otherwise we can offer one in another form, a computer sleeve for example! And when you don't send an email, you need a phone to communicate ... But not just any, we must not forget that we have gone back in time. So we will take a vintage style phone!

Our bonus tips

The ideal: add several vintage objects such as a telephone, a radio, an alarm clock ... Between the fifties and sixties we are at the heart of the consumer society! The colors meet our desires: blue, pink, orange or yellow.


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