Video: a flowering heart to dress the chairs for Valentine's Day

Video: a flowering heart to dress the chairs for Valentine's Day

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A bouquet of roses for Valentine's Day? Too classic. To tell him I love you with flowers, think rather of sublimating the decoration of your dinner alone, by dressing his chair with a bucolic heart… He or she can only be charmed by this touch as original as romantic signed

Steps 1: form the heart structure

- Take the measurement of the back of your chair beforehand by unrolling the brass wire so as to form a heart over its entire surface - Cut the brass wire with the pruning shears according to the required length and form the said heart - Close the structure and reinforce -with a second brass wire of the same size - Perfect the shape of the heart until you get a regular rendering

Step 2: decorate it with flowers

- Wrap the diplocyclos liana around the structure so as to cover the entire surface - Cut the "Vanda cherry" orchids: be careful, it is imperative to keep a good length of stem to be able to fix them easily between the liana and the structure ! - Repeat the operation on the whole heart - Tie the structure on the back of the chair using a fuchsia ribbon matching the orchids; use a second ribbon to give volume to the knot - Once the heart is tied, make the final adjustments Decorative tips: to prevent the diplocyclos vine from collapsing once the heart is positioned vertically (on the back of the chair), fix it to the brass wire using raffia. This will allow it to be perfectly maintained over the entire structure! Creation and flowers: Watercolor


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