Video: table decor in matryoshka colors

Video: table decor in matryoshka colors

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Brought back from a trip to Russia or unearthed around a garage sale, adorable Russian dolls invite themselves to the table. Their black, red, yellow colors organize the decor and transport us away from the daily grind, the time for a dinner. Discover in video how to set a table with Slavic charm.

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The starting point: Russian dolls. We use their red, black and yellow colors to create a graphic table with a strong temperament. But before, we divert a soft blanket in a warm and comforting layer. A nod to the cocooning materials used in Russia to face the winter cold. Then, we have plates with the chosen colors. The same is done for glasses, solid or extra fine candlesticks, napkins for styling glasses and candles. The final touch? The starting point: the matriochkas, which we deploy to infinity or almost. And the circle is complete ! It remains to tie the cutlery using a "red" ribbon like "Russia" to refine the whole… Shopping: Dessert plates Smile red, ALINEA Flat plates Smile yellow, ALINEA Water glasses Scena red, ALINEA Plaid Doudou, BUT Candle holders Näsvis, IKEA Styling and staging: Véronique Antelme-Rambaldi


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