How to make a smoothing coating?

How to make a smoothing coating?

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Answer: good preparation of the support and the coating.

Smoothing plaster is often essential when renovating a wall. It allows to fill in holes, cracks and any roughness before painting or lining it. Before making the plaster, it is necessary to clean the wall well and to drop if necessary anything that no longer holds (old paint, old plaster ...). A good leaching then makes it possible to hold the plaster well. There are ready-to-use coatings on the market, but for a large area, it is better to do it yourself with powder and water, little by little, because the coating dries quickly. With a coating knife, you apply the homogeneous paste on the hole by small gestures, then you smooth with the finger or a finer knife. You should avoid the marks left by the side of the knife to get a smooth surface. After drying for 24 hours, you can gently sand the wall and wipe with a damp cloth for a perfect finish. Your wall can be painted 24 hours later. You too, send us your DIY question.


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