Embroidery: learn the gray point

Embroidery: learn the gray point

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The point de grébiche is a basic stitch in embroidery used mainly to make decorative borders. The advantage of this point is that its horizontal part prevents the actu: 739845 fabric from unraveling. It is carried out from left to right. 1. Draw two parallel lines on your news: 739845 fabric.
2. Poke the needle on the back of the actu: 739845 fabric at the bottom line and take it out from the right side at A, then form a loop from right to left with the thread. Then prick your needle in B on the upper line, then take out the needle on the lower line in C, making sure to pass over the previously formed loop.
3. Carefully pull the thread to tighten the loop, then sew on the upper line at D. Take the needle out at the lower line at E to make the second steak point.
4. Continue like this to achieve the following stumbling blocks. In order to get regular points, try to always respect the same gap between the points of each line.


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