When the curtains separate the spaces

When the curtains separate the spaces

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Partitioning spaces without closing them is sometimes a necessity if you have large open spaces or on the contrary if you lack space and divide a room in two. In both cases, the curtains can be an excellent solution in order to modulate the spaces according to your needs. Provided you choose them well!

Aesthetic curtains on each side

If you want to partition two spaces using a curtain, it will of course be necessary to ensure that your choice is on a model with two aesthetic sides. Indeed, some curtains for example have color on only one side which would be a shame for the decorative aspect of your office separate from your living room for example. Note that if you opt for sheers, you will not have this problem because the fabric is transparent and separates the spaces while letting the gaze pass.

Curtains in harmony with the two spaces

Likewise, when choosing your curtains, you will need to make sure that the model matches the decoration of the two parts of the room. If you want to separate a room for two children for example, the color of the curtain will have to adapt to the decor of each space in the room.

Curtains that facilitate circulation

Finally, be aware that you do not only have the option of classic curtains. You can use door curtains which facilitate the circulation between the two spaces. You will find for this curtain of threads in different colors for a contemporary style but you can also offer you more original models with patterns or pearls. Be careful all the same with the kitsch side, the beads and other playful curtains will rather be reserved for children's rooms.


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