Mistakes to avoid with the decor… when it rains

Mistakes to avoid with the decor… when it rains

The good weather is desired. Result, so that rainy weather rhymes with decor and happy garden, here is a list of missteps to avoid…

Color side errors to avoid

If the good weather is long overdue, no question of letting the bad weather rub off on the background! The ideal: fill up with colors, as if nothing had happened. We do not hesitate to multiply the colored touches, and we dare the shades twice as intense, flashy or even fluorescent. The idea is to compensate for the lack of sun. Another piece of advice: we favor accessories suitable for indoors and outdoors: waterproof cushion covers, flower pots, occasional armchairs, etc.

Furniture side mistakes to avoid

If the wooden and wrought iron furniture is weatherproof, on the other hand, the plastic furniture and especially the rattan furniture are more afraid of rain and humidity, especially if it is abundant and daily… In this case, the ideal is to install them warm in the garage or in the cellar. Another solution: place them under an awning to protect them as much as possible!

Mistakes to avoid on the side of potted plants

You had filled up with plants in pots to enhance the exterior. Too bad, now that it's raining, you don't know what to do. To prevent your plants from dying, two solutions. The plants are large, strong and resistant: in this case, we think of piercing their pot (by the bottom or the contour) and removing their plate or saucer so that they can breathe freely, thus avoiding the water does not stagnate and the earth does not rot. Another solution: if the plants are small and fragile, they are sheltered in the living room, in the veranda, on the windowsill or in a greenhouse!

Mistakes to avoid on the watering side

It is raining ? Here's a great excuse to complain all day long. But there is better to do. See the good sides of the rain for example! Green people at heart will see an anti-waste message there. With all this humidity, why not collect rainwater? If you are not yet equipped with a rainwater catcher, you improvise one using a barrel or a bowl to place in a corner of the garden. Even pots and planters placed here and there do the trick! You are now provided with a stock of water. Because in principle, after the rain, the good weather comes ...

Gardening mistakes to avoid

And when it comes to gardening, should you take a break until the sun comes? No, unless you dream of a garden overgrown with slugs! First of all we mow the lawn, but not flush and we put slug traps around the most fragile plantations. On the plantation side, this is not the time, the soil is too wet. But there are some exceptions to the rule.