What does the law say in terms of sound insulation?

What does the law say in terms of sound insulation?

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Answer: it all depends on the date on which the accommodation was built.

For new housing purchased off plan, there is a guarantee on minimum sound insulation when purchasing a new housing. If the standards are not met at the time of taking the accommodation, you can turn against the seller and the work will be at his expense. For housing built between 1970 and 1996, the housing is subject to the phonic standards of the decree of June 14, 1969. This old regulation no longer corresponds to current requirements. These dwellings therefore give the impression of not being compliant when they are. For housing prior to 1970, there is no regulation for these housing. If you are a tenant, it is possible to negotiate with your landlord to take over part or all of the work. Financial aid is possible for this kind of work. You too, send us your decoration question