Washed linen bed linen, a natural material perfect for the bedroom

Washed linen bed linen, a natural material perfect for the bedroom

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You may have noticed, but the washed linen bed linen is attracting more and more bedding. Its unique softness, associated with its flexibility, and its quaint tones add a dose of character and authenticity to the room. To be abused without moderation!

Flax, a natural fiber but not only ...

Flax has been cultivated all over the world for centuries. It is also the oldest fiber. Very resistant, it adapts to the seasons. Recommended to absorb moisture and bring a feeling of freshness, it is therefore to be preferred in summer. In winter, on the contrary, it is comfortable and cozy. This is why giving it a special place in the room is completely legitimate! Another natural quality of linen: it is hypoallergenic.

Washed linen, a unique touch

The washed linen bed linen requires special work. Its flexibility in fibers as well as its rendering are obtained by successive washes at high temperature. As worn and time-bound, the fiber relaxes to soften over the years and provide exceptional softness. This wear mark you will find it in the colors. Available in a palette of subtle shades, washed linen bed linen inspires country houses, folk or bohemian interiors. And you will see: to try it is to adopt it! So advice, do not hesitate to harmonize your bed linen with the bedroom curtains which also exist in a washed bed. But there it is for another shopping appointment!