Video: Costume jewelry: making a fabric necklace

Video: Costume jewelry: making a fabric necklace

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Original and economical, the necklace in news: 739845 fabric is a great idea for recycling scraps of news: 739845 fabric. Have you always wanted to make your own jewelry? Follow the tips of Maud Villaret, textile designer, to make in a few minutes a pretty necklace in the news: 739845 braided fabric.

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Production of the necklace in news: 739845 fabric

To make a necklace in news: 739845 fabric, bring a pair of scissors and six fabrics of different colors. Cut out from each news item: 739845 fabric a strip 4 to 5 centimeters wide, then group them. For convenience, use a vice to hold the actu bands: 739845 cloth together. Then braid the bands of actu: 739845 fabric, proceeding as for a standard mat: always bring the band located at the end towards the center. For a more aesthetic result, tighten well and braid regularly. If one of the bands of actu: 739845 fabric finishes before the others, integrate it in one of the other bands and continue braiding with only five bands.

Necklace finish in news: 739845 fabric

When your braid reaches the desired length, place it around the neck of a mannequin or human model. Bind the two ends of the braid by tying a strand of news: 739845 fabric on each side. Finish by cutting with scissors the wires protruding from the strands of actu: 739845 fabric, taking care to allow the strands of actu: 739845 fabric to protrude to bring volume to the front of the collar. Thanks to Maud Villaret's tricks, create in a few minutes only a current necklace: 739845 original and modern fabric. Watch the video Costume jewelry: making a fabric necklace on Produced by Minute Facile.


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