3 ideas for a graphic wall with paint

3 ideas for a graphic wall with paint

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Want to transform one of your walls into a work of art? No need to call on an artist because you can get started with a brush and a little paint. Do you lack inspiration? We give you three ideas to apply on one of your walls to give it style.

Idea n ° 1: A Mondrian-style composition

Mondrian had the art of composition! With his colored rectangles, he transfigured the canvases into graphic and timeless works of art. At home, we draw inspiration from his work by also creating colored rectangles on the wall. We trace its composition in advance with a pencil to check the rendering, we apply the marking adhesive and we start. In terms of colors, everything is possible but do not hesitate to test the harmony of colors beforehand on a sheet of paper or by putting the colors in the color chart side by side.

Idea n ° 2: Graphic circles

If you are more attracted to circles, take inspiration from the Orphic movement represented by Robert and Sonia Delaunay. You will then create a succession of circles on your wall and you can even insert circles in another circle. Again, draw the outline beforehand. If your circle is very large, first paint the edges carefully because it is difficult to apply adhesive to a round shape. If the circle is smaller, you can however create a stencil using a cardboard sheet. In terms of colors, note that the shades work quite well.

Idea n ° 3: Underline the piece

You are much more classic and want a decorative wall without too much originality? No problem, you just have to play with the parts of the wall for a graphic and very decorative rendering that will still be more discreet. You can for example play with the colors and create a basement or a frieze halfway up the wall. Or why not highlight an angle of the room by putting it in color? Discover our ideas in pictures: